My name is Nicolas R. Guillermo and I seek to help you learn how to build a deeper connection with yourself, to learn how to master Kung Fu and seize opportunities to control your own destiny.

Kung Fu is a way of life for longevity, it's not just about fighting. The various martial arts are a means of connecting the mind and body with the spirit, to learn about your eternal position as an immortal spirit soul.

The best martial art skill is not gained by fighting with others, but by conquering our own obstacles that define physical, mental and spiritual limitations. We learn about our true selves by studying laws and principles of how the universe works and applying them to our everyday lives.

The Immortal Kung Fu Academy is inspired by Taoism, Buddhism, and Yoga.


Philosophy, delivered through the martial arts, will help people better understand laws of nature, society and human spirituality. Our goal is to teach others as the great masters of kung fu have been taught, to provide the best example I can in respect to past masters who came before me.

The Immortal Kung Fu Academy provides true academic martial arts education that allows both new students and experienced martial artists to further their understanding about how to perfect their practice, and how to become a martial arts master.

The curriculum taught is in accordance with the official curriculum of the Kwok family lineage and will prepare students better health and vitality. With a deep understanding of the system, our students will be eligible for certification and a degree of expertise in the practice of their choice by our world renowned Si Gong, Dr. G. S. Torres.