Professional Credentials

I have studied the curriculum of my Si Gong diligently, with attention to detail, without re-inventing the forms or altering them to make them easier or flashier. The forms I teach are some of the hardest forms to learn, they take much time. The benefits gained by learning them is greater than that which you would gain by practicing easy forms that do not challenge your body.

Our curriculum is one of the toughest to receive a degree of certification to teach to others. In order to become accomplished to a level where you could then teach these forms to others, you must learn them perfectly, and this requires that you must practice with determination for perfection.

The Si Gong of the Kwok family system and I agree that we do not want to see our forms become watered down, by having people learn them incorrectly and incompletely, and then re-teaching them to others who also could in turn, pass on weaker and weaker versions of our system. You must learn how to use your body, mind and spirit together in your training, and carry that training into everyday life, to learn how to do Kung Fu correctly, for the greatest benefits. By accepting the challenge to learn the authentic Kwok Family system, you will get what you desire. We will push you to accomplish more than you might be willing to accept you’re capable of achieving. Si Gong’s curriculum is such that it can transform you to become one of the greatest Kung Fu practitioners in the world and recognized by international authorities in martial arts.

Kung Fu means “practice over time,” and is not simply a school of thought to teach you how to fight. We teach you how to use your body, so that if it is necessary to use it as a weapon, or as a conduit for healing others, it will serve you very well. The goal should be to master your own movement and to integrate the whole body for optimum health benefits. Kung Fu serves well in battle, but should not be the goal of your training. Those who use the forms to hurt others, end up losing in the end and do not learn the true essence of the arts. The school of thought here is one of enlightenment and vitality. May all those who seek to learn the martial arts, approach it with an open mind to find peace and to preserve peace, not to make war. Kung Fu is used to protect yourself and others from harm, only to inflict harm if it will prevent harm from being inflicted on yourself or an innocent potential victim. It is also a system of self-healing and personal growth.

Kung Fu is a way of life. Discipline mastered to harness the power of the body, can easily transfer to mastering any function you put your mind too. Kung Fu is about mastering your own mind and applying ancient philosophy to your everyday life. Anyone seeking orthodox Kung Fu training will find I have the qualifications to help you achieve your goals. Our direct lineage is attributed to Kwok Wo Ngai, a famous martial artist whose life’s work led to the accomplishments of our current Si Gong. Dr. G. S. Torres has applied his knowledge of many sciences such as chemistry, physics, kinesiology, chiropractic science and acupuncture to the Kwok curriculum and brought it to it’s highest level. His teachings are being passed on through me so that I may also help others to understand the depth of wisdom that can be accessed through learning Kung Fu. When you join us, you join a family lineage of Kung Fu mastery, dedicated to ensuring that you can excel to your greatest potential as well.