Internet Video Training

Thanks to the internet, video training and review are now available. Now, in the 21st century, people can become Kung Fu masters anywhere in the world!

I will sell video courses that teach you one class at a time. I can not emphasize enough, I do not want to be like the rest of the Kung Fu instructors out there who take no accountability for the potential weakening of their systems. I want to see the Kwok family lineage thrive by creating true kung fu masters with the highest levels of integrity. It is important to myself and Si Gong (Grand Master) Dr. Torres, Head of Lineage of Kwok system, that our system is preserved and passed on with the highest standards in the world. We want to ensure our system remains an elite martial art program because of all the true depth that is hidden in its forms, and the also to honour or lineage, especially Kwok Wo Ngai, who put his entire life into finding the best arts, mastering them, and passing them on to others.

Upon signing up, we will set up a weekly schedule and soon have our first meeting. Your first lesson will be provided to you immediately after the discussion in a private video.  All new material will be provided by private training videos thereafter, so you can watch and learn on your own time during the week and follow up with me after for review and further discussion on the finer points of the form. We will use either Skype or Google Video for all live training.

I look forward to meeting the next generation of Kwok family Kung Fu brothers and sisters. If you have the feeling that you’re ready to learn Kwok’s best material, CONTACT ME TODAY!