One on One Lessons

Tucson Arizona is my home where I have lived for the last five years and I’m here to stay with my wife and son. I live on the North East side of Tucson, just outside the city limits, by Agua Caliente Park.

I offer Group classes throughout Tucson in various locations but private classes for the seriously dedicated are offered at my personal home studio.

Group classes are cheaper but they might not give you the one on one attention you feel you need. I treat everyone equally but if you pay more for one on one classes, you will get extra benefits.

One on One classes is required for all advancing students. I can not teach the secret details in a public setting where people are not as dedicated. Only those who show their austerity to pay the salary I deserve for the deep martial arts knowledge will be invited to my home for private lessons.

Review the four styles of Kung Fu I teach and choose what suits your interest, to begin with.  Whatever style you chose will be the one  you become the best at, so think deeply about your choice. 

Shao Lin Quan (Shao Lin Chuan)

Tai Ji Quan (Tai Chi Chuan)

Xing Yi Quan (Xing Yi Chuan)

Ba Gua Zhang (Ba Gua Zhang)