An Shen Pao

An Shen Pao means Calming Body Cannon and it is a two person Xing Yi Quan (Hsing I Chuan) practice. This practice is only taught to advanced practitioners because it follows an attack structure designed to hit specific acupuncture points that can be fatal. One must know where the points are and when to hit them, as well as knowing when not to hit them, to ensure safety for the two person practice. One must accomplish the achievement of receiving a certification of Black Sash in the four Kwok Systems before they are taught the An Shen Pao practice.
The point of this practice is not necessarily play with another practitioner. The true intent of learning this practice is to know deadly self defence techniques. Like other two person practices, this practice can be done solo, but the key is to know the true intent of the combination of acupuncture points along with how and why they are effective in combat. Self practice is often more important than two person practice. All you have to know is how to move and the intention for the applications to be a talented martial artist. The added element of having a partner is really not necessary. When a student acquires the depth of knowledge required to earn this Kwok family form for their practice, they won’t need a partner and few will be on their level anyway. The Kwok An Shen Pao is unlike any others available, it’s deeper in scope and refined to the point where it is a masters form, for qualified Sifu’s ready for mastery only.

I have not learned this form yet, however by the end of the year I hope to pass my 4th degree black belt test, qualifying under Si Gong Ta Jia Lee (Dr. G. S. Torres) as a Shi Fu (Father Teacher) under the one of the world’s highest standards. He has promised me I will then learn this form to add it to the full Kwok curriculum I can offer to prospective students seeking to also be Kung Fu masters themselves one day.