Gun Shu

Ba Gua Gun Shu is the Eight Trigram Long Staff /Cudgel Play Skill Form also known to a small group of inner circle Ba Gua masters as Ba Gun Fa or Eight Pole Methods. This form is highly secretive because it forms the basis for eight basic Ba Gua Zhang throwing techniques, boxing drills and chin na applications. It is not a long staff form where the staff is used as a weapon. It is practiced with a pole placed with one end in the center of the Ba Gua circle and the other end balancing on the back of the wrist. These techniques teach the Ba Gua practitioner how to use “yin” energy to circumvent any force placed on the back of their wrist and redirect their opponents energy in a spiraling manner to take them to the ground. Ba Gun Fa is also a conditioning system to train a strong core and arms, the pole is hollow and every week, the practitioner fills it with a handful of sand, gradually increasing the weight and their circular strength to perform the round movements increases in a slow and steady manner. This system has Eight movements names after their prospective elements of the Ba Gua circle including Qian (Heaven), Dui (Lake), Li (Fire), Zhen (Thunder), Xun (Wind), Kan (Water), Gen (Mountain), and Kun (Earth).
The same Long Zhang (Dragon Palm) used in the main Ba Gua Zhang forms is applied but the stepping is different. The body should be torqued but the palm follows the perimeter of the circle rather than the center and like all other forms, this alignment is different to develop attributes conducive to drilling the palm forward with the lead walking foot.