Ba Gua

Ba Gua Zhang (Pa Kua Cheng) – Ba Gua Zhang was created by a bodyguard for the Chinese royalty named Dong Hai Chuan. Ba Gua Zhang is today the most varied type of kung fu with the most styles, and it is among the most popular in China. It means Eight Trigram Palms because it is an open palm style of Kung Fu based on the eight combinations hexagrams which are sets of triad combinations of yin and yang. The theory of the Ba Gua and the Eight Trigrams are divisions of Tai Ji theory. Ba Gua Zhang uses horizontal circular power and centrifugal momentum to spin the opponent and throw them to the ground. Ba Gua is practiced at a medium walking speed and is a balance between the slow Tai Ji Quan and the fast Xing Yi Quan. Ba Gua is best taught to someone with a solid foundation in Xing Yi Quan and Tai Ji Quan. Ba Gua Zhang moves are the hardest to master and without prior internal kung fu experience, the Ba Gua Zhang will not have the same powers. Once Tai Jii Quan’s “Peng” and Xing Yi Quan’s “Fa Jing” have been practiced and understood, the Ba Gua Zhang practitioner learns to channel these energies in a circular manner.
Dong Hai Chuan is known as the founder of Ba Gua Zhang, however, he learned his art from a mysterious Daoist monk that lived in the mountains, who also learned from another Daoist himself, so the real origin of this art is speculative. Dong was well known for his fighting skill and was assigned as a bodyguard for the royal family. His art spread rapidly through China and is currently known as the worlds “newest” complete martial art, and the most varied. The art of Ba Gua can adapt to fit any practitioner of any style so there are more styles of Ba Gua today than any other martial art system in the world. Dong popularized his art based on internal power cultivation and the esoteric teachings of the I-Ching, the “Book of Changes”. This martial arts system passed from Dong Hai Chuan to Zhang Zhong Kui ( Zhao Dong ) to Jiang Rong Qiao to Gun Yuen Tang, to Peter Kwok, to Dr. Torres, to myself Nicolas Ricardo Guillermo. I am a complete lineage holder of this system and can teach it in it’s entirety in fine detail with the original knowledge from my predecessors.