Cai Li Fo Jia

Cai Li Fo Jai Quan San Shou Ji Ben Dong Zuo is the Cai Li Buddhist Fist Open Hand Basic Movement. This form is also known as Open Palm Buddha Fist and Twenty Methods.

This set of Cai Li Fo Jia Chuen San Shou can be considered a precious book for Wu Shu fans as well as a model exercise. This form is a great beginners form, yet offers many advanced martial artists much benefit as well. The movements are easy enough to develop great self defense skill, yet the form is vigorous enough that you can always get an amazing aerobic exercise.

Students are first taught the 20 method drills to teach you perfection of your form, then they are woven together in one seamless form. The form of 20 methods is drilled continuously so you learn how to flow from one move to the next in an order conducive for real self defense applications.

Advancement is made when the movements link together for a two person form. The two person form, when practiced diligently, offers two martial artists a chance to develop real world skills, enhancing hand eye coordination, speed and and a feeling for application with a practice partner.

The two person practice assists martial artists in understanding how to train with another person and not to hurt their partner, so that both people can continue to increase their ability to higher levels.

Cai Li Fo Jia Chuen San Shou originated from Shao Lin Si (Little Forest Temple’s) eminent disciples Ca De Zhong and Li Shi Kai. These two disciples became famous by going to a Cantonese temple to help conceal an Anti-Qing Dynasty movement in support of the old overthrown Ming Dynasty. These political activists needed a new training system to prepare Shao Lin monks for the rigors of warfare, for the preservation of peace. Their new form synthesized many important moves for combat that helps both beginners and advanced students alike, to continue to improve their ability.