Chin Na

Chin Na is taught as a two person form including both applications and counters for each move. Each practitioner takes turns countering the last persons move with a move of their own creating a continuous practice of applied techniques and escapes. There are 6 forms in our Chin Na set that incorporate a multitude of lessons. Chin Na is an advanced system and is only taught to students with a solid foundation in Shao Lin Kung Fu. Students should first learn and understand the Chin Na applications in the other forms Lian Bu, Shu Er Shi Fa, Tan Tui, Gong Li, Duen Da and Hua Chuan 1,2,3 and 4 before they advance to learn all of the core Chin Na applications in the Kwok system.
Chin – (locking) the movement of joints against their normal range of motion.
Na – (seizing) of the vital points disrupting or blocking the energy flow.

Chin Na Principles: Based on joint structure, blood vessel network, nervous bundles and acupuncture meridians.
Applied Chin Na Utilizes: Strikes and seizing of vital points, tendon grabbing, flesh grabbing, blood vessel grabbing, nerve junctions and joint locks.

Chin Na has 4 main branches or components: kicking, striking, throwing, locking, breaking and submission.
Kwok Chin Na is a Shao Lin system with 6 two person patterns for a total of 12 unique routines that teach application and and their escapes.

Types of movable joints:
Ball and socket (shoulder)
hinge (elbow)
saddle (thumb)
ellipsoid and gliding (wrist)
and pivotal (neck), leg, lower leg, ankle, foot.