How We Help Students

What can Immortal Kung Fu Do for You?

You will increase your physical, mental and spiritual health and vitality. Our practices will improve your flexibility, strength and endurance so you can transform and reach your true health potential.

If fighting power is your ambition, the Kwok system is complete in all methods of effective hand to hand combat and weapon play. Philosophy is central to Immortal Kung Fu so the “arts” are rich with depth and understanding.
The body can be transformed, and the person who transforms their body, themselves becomes transformed. Learning authentic lineage secrets of the world’s top martial artists, and their philosophy has many benefits.

I will teach in the tradition passed down to me: to give you the tools to learn, with form training, and then help you to learn by teaching yourself. I seek to help you view life from a perspective that will help you in achieving all your life goals.

By studying eastern philosophy, one can understand new perspectives that help you on the path towards full health, emotional, physical, and spiritual, to become the best person you can be. The meditations performed while practicing Kung Fu helps people find inner peace and tranquility, relaxing the individual so they are not affected by stress.

Developing concentration to perform our Kung Fu forms correctly is a great skill that you will find helps you out in other areas of your life as well such as studying for higher education, patience with others, and general problem solving.

You will learn orthodox training methods passed down from a distinct line of kung fu masters to prepare you for testing to receive world recognized certification from our Si Gong, the head-of-lineage of our system, signifying that you are an accomplished and serious student in the Kwok family Kung Fu system.

Our system has “secrets.” We teach them openly but only practitioners who develop a sense of the refinement of the forms become open to the opportunity to learn the higher refinements.

Small adjustments to form can have a profound impact on deliverable speed, balance, power and martial arts application. You can have access to develop on the knowledge we provide you with as a foundation for world renowned martial skill.

The greatest gift is to give people your enlightenment, to share it. It has to be the greatest. – Buddha