Ji Ben Ba Huan Zhang

Ji Ben Ba Huan Zhang is the Eight Basic Palm Changes form from our family lineage. These are practiced utilizing the Long Zhang (Dragon) posture. They each offer unique movements branching from the Dragon Palm position that together form a complete boxing system with trickery, trapping movements, throws, joint locks and more. These Eight palms are the cornerstone of Ba Gua practice because the practitioner develops a strong dragon palm posture and multiple methods of using it. These application variations can then be cross trained with other animal palms from the Ba Gua Zhang Lian Xi Fa system. This form includes Dan Huan Zhang (Single Change Palm), Shuang Huan Zhang (Double Change Palm), Zhuan Shen Zhang (Return Body Palm) Shen Hou Zhang (Back Body Palm ) Gai Shen Zhang (Cover Body Palm), You Shen Zhang (Swim Body Palm), Xuan Shen Zhang (Spin Body Palm) and Sui Dao Di Zhang (Follow Through Palm).