Lian Xi Fa

Ba Gua Zhang Lian Xi Fa means the Eight Trigram Palm Practice Method and it consists of Eight Animal forms: Da Ying or Hou (Big Eagle and Monkey), Ji (Chicken), Hu (Tiger), Ying (Eagle), Shi Zi (Lion), Qi Lin (Unicorn), Tian Ma (Sky Horse), and Long (Dragon). Each animal form is taught as its own exercise and students first learn to walk a circle holding a static upper body posture correctly. This strengthens the core of the body and develops balance with a twisted waist necessary for Ba Gua Zhang practice. The practitioner develops a meditation while walking and focuses on “Peng” complete balance and stability in motion. The walking gait is natural and one pauses momentarily when balanced on a single leg to find their Peng just like in the Tai Ji Quan Zhan Zhuang (Universal Post) practice. This practice develops superior leg strength, breathing coordination, balance, and internal structure correlating with Xing Yi Quan and Tai Ji Quan energy principles. These eight animal postures form crux of Ba Gua Zhang internal strength development for advanced power in martial application. The strategy of eight animals links to sixty four palms.
All peoples body can form the Ba Gua shapes but it is generally advised people first have a solid foundation in Shao Lin Quan, Tai Ji Quan ior Xing Yi Quan because of it’s difficulty level. Several kicks and evading techniques are introduced and general conditioning for more advanced Ba Gua Zhang is ensured with this practice. There are eight postures called the static palms of Ba Gua Zhang and each static palm has its own signature sub-movements that when applied together are called “turnarounds.” The practitioner learns to change direction while walking the circle, from clockwise to counterclockwise interweaving various other large frame stances with new upper body positions creating a complete martial arts practice with various applications hidden in the form.
The “Eight Animal Turnarounds” provide a great framework for other Ba Gua forms; many of its movements are carried over into the Ba Gua Long Xing Lian Xi Fa, the Eight Trigram Palm Dragon Heart Practice Method. When practiced diligently along with the Kwok Family Yi Quan and Zhan Zhuang, one can expect to have considerable internal power. This form along with the Ba Gua Qi Gong Form are necessary to take any Ba Gua practitioner to the highest levels in this art when it is trained for the intention of developing internal Peng strength.