Long Xin Zhang

Ba Gua Long Xin Zhang is the Eight Trigram Dragon Heart Method. This form was made very popular by the great Jiang Rong Qiao. Many new versions of the form are missing key aspects and have been propagated by less than qualified successors, watering down the form. Fortunately, I have passed rigorous testing to ensure that I have the complete form and all its nuances memorized to pass on to other students. This form is our Ba Gua Zhang long form, consisting of Eight sections, each with it’s own sub movements, many of which are carried over from the Ba Gua Zhang Lian Xi Fa the Eight Trigram Palm Practice Method but then many new unique movements are added. This form can be practiced continuously on the right and left sides of the body, developing endurance for the spiraling, twisting and spinning movements of the Ba Gua Zhang system.