Mu Ren Zhuang Fa

Ba Gua Mu Ren Zhuang Fa is the Ba Gua Wooden Dummy Pile Work Method. It is also known as the Ba Gua Wooden Man Form. It is practiced on a unique wooden man or wooden dummy tool for Ba Gua Zhang. Unlike the popular Wing Chun wooden man, this wooden man spins on an axis with four arms pointing in each cardinal direction. This way, when one arm is struck with power, the opposite side comes swinging at the practitioner, forcing them to react or get struck by the wooden pole arm. This is an advanced form and students learn how to perform many types of movements found in the Ba Gua forms with greater knowledge of acupuncture points to strike.
The wooden man is practiced with gloves, as to not harm the knuckles. The left hand in particular, we must take extra precaution to protect because gentle blood vessels that flow through the hand lead to the heart and can cause heart complications later in life, if not safeguarded. The right knuckles should be conditioned and it is encouraged for advanced practitioners to desensitize their nerves. Mu Ren practice toughens muscles, bones, nerves and acupuncture points in the arms and legs. Cheap plastic imitations do not give you the benefits of stimulating bone densification like the wooden man. Metal is denser than bone and too hard, metal can cause undesirable and permanent damage to the bone.
There are eight parts to this form all including various Ba Gua boxing techniques performed with the open hand. Applications include chin na, throwing techniques, kicking and various sophisticated boxing drills predicated on natural opponent reactions.