Ba Duan Jin

Ba Duan Jin – Eight Pieces of Silk

Ba Duan Jin means Eight Pieces of Silk or Brocade and it is a treasure among Qi Gong enthusiasts. Ba Duan Jin was created by the great general Yeu Fei, creator of the Xing Yi Quan internal martial art. Ba Duan Jin incorporates some gravity assisted stretches on the feet, breathing exercises, twisting and bending of the torso, meridian cleansing and work out for the arms and legs.

One exercise called “Wise Owl Gazes Backwards” teaches you to hold acupuncture points that protect your hearing. Another called “Bouncing on the Toes” teaches you to perform an exercise that encourages your body to create stronger bones. When teaching this set of eight exercises you will also learn some “secrets of longevity,” including a routine to preserve your eyesight and hearing from the results of aging.