Hua Quan

Hua Quan – China Fist

Hua Quan means China Fist and our Kwok family system teaches four long sets in it’s advanced Shao Lin curriculum. Originally there were 12 Hua Quan sets but the first 4 contain all the movements needed to complete all necessary Shao Lin movements needed for a complete system. Our Hua Quan includes an advanced series of forms that incorporate many new kicks, several jumping “whirlwind” kicks, spinning sweeps and low postures making it one of the most difficult practices in our system. It is said that when you practice Hua Quan one through four continuously, you will never have to go running to condition your body because the form is so rigorous, it will give you one of the best cardio workouts. It’s movements stem from the more simple forms Cai Li Fo Jia, Lian Bu, Gong Li, Tan Tui and Duen Da.

Hua Quan 1 and 3 are solo practices while Hua Quan 2 and 4 incorporate a two person routine teaching the practitioner a multitude of applications and counters including, long and short range strikes of the arms and legs, sweeps, jump kicks, throws and joint locks. 2 and 4 can be practiced solo as well, so a practitioner can run through 1-4 all together for a vigorous workout.