Lian Bu

Lian Bu Quan – Continuous Stepping Fist

Lian Bu Quan is also known as linking step fist or step practice boxing for its aggressive linear stepping and arm swinging body movements that teach the practitioner application and timing. There is a multitude of obvious and hidden applications for combat in this form and so it was widely taught through the Chinese military in the 1930’s. Today there are many styles and variations of this form but key movements remain the same. Many Chinese martial artists believe that this set is older than the 20th century when it was popularized by the Chinese government. Some believe that this set is a simplified set from the original Dragon Kung Fu from Shao Lin temple. It was brought to the Central Chinese Martial Arts Institute, established in 1928 in Nan Jing and designed by the teachers in Zhong Yang Guo Shu Guan to establish credibility for them as one of the best martial arts schools in China.

This short form offers great combat applications and a rigorous exercise when drilled over and over. All forms have continuous stepping but this form drills forward movements and turnarounds in a way that gives practitioners an aggressive practice to emphasize the power of linear momentum.