Tan Tui

Tan Tui – Springing Leg

Shi Er Tan Tui Quan is the 12 routine springing leg boxing. This form has 12 multi-posture exercises that train you to move from stance to stance with speed and precision. Each exercise is practiced on the right and left sides of the body consecutively one after another on a line. Each exercise can be practiced as many times as one likes to get a vigorous workout. It form is named from the signature springing kicks that are drilled in every form and the springing single leg posture that is held at the end of each exercise. This form was practiced in the Shao Lin Si (Little Forest Temple) and Muslim communities in China. Also known as Tan Tui, there are many variations of the form. In China, Tan Tui is known as one of the countries “national exercises”, it is known to discipline the mind and strengthen the body. Movements are simple to learn but difficult to perform at an advanced level. Tan Tui offers great self-defense applications as well as a challenging exercise that develops spinal flexibility and strength for advanced forms.

Tan Tui is included as one of the top three forms students must know along with Gong Li and Duen Da before learning the more difficult Hua Quan series.

They say “Your kung fu is only as good as your Tai Tui.” Once learned, a student should practice this form daily and prioritize it’s practice before all other forms. Even the advanced students who have mastered this form should still practice it before any of the more challenging Hua Quan sets because of how it drills the body to perform rigorous twisting actions over and over. The conditioning for the Kwok Tan Tui practice prepares students for the intense aerobic exercise of Hua Chuan. It’s one most important signature “reverse uppercut” move, is one that defines the practitioner and allows for continued advancement from the beginner to intermediate on to the advanced level.