Shi Er Xing Dong

Shi Er Xing Dong means the twelve animal forms. Xing Yi Quan (Hsing I Chuan) twelve animals include: Long (Dragon), Xiong (Bear), Ma (Horse), Hu (Tiger), Gui (Turtle), She (Snake), Hou (Monkey), Ying (Eagle), Ge (Dove), Yan (Swallow), Diao/Yao (Falcon) and Ji (Rooster). These movements are “branches” or variations of the core five elements and the five element theory of mutual construction and destruction holds true. These movements are practiced in drills on the left and right side of the body to build the foundation for more advanced forms as well as to allow the practitioner to develop power and speed with fundamental combat applications.
Shi Er Xing Dong 12 Animals forms are taught after the Wu Xing (5 Element forms) and together they form the core of Xing Yi Quan practice methods. These eighteen drill practices are required prior to students learning the Sil Quan forms and Yi Quan for Internal Power Peng development.