Sil Quan

Sil Quan means method fist, there are two forms and they are the supplementary combination forms of the Kwok family Xing Yi Quan (Hsing I Chuan) that advance a student further beyond Wu Xing (5 Element Forms) and Shi Er Xing Dong (12 Animal Forms). The two method fist forms include; Ba Sil Quan/Ba He Quan (Ba Sil Chuan) the eight method fist and Za Sil Quan/Za He Quan (Jou Sil Chuan) the mixed method fist form. These long forms incorporate moves from the five elements and twelve animals mixed together as well as some new moves that are signature to Xing Yi Quan practice. These forms help the practitioner to develop a continuous practice of combining different combinations of movements.
8 Method Fist and Mixed Method Fist combined with the 5 Elements and 12 Animals define the Xing Yi Quan practice and lead to a lifetime of personal improvement in martial and health attributes. Upon completion of these forms, students are advanced to learn the Yi Quan system of Xing Yi Quan’s Peng Develpment.