Wu Xing

Wu Xing means Five elements and is the basis of the Kwok family Xing Yi Quan (Hsing I Chuan). This system of kung fu is based on the Chinese Five element theory that is the basis for the healing art of acupuncture. The five elements include: Jin (Metal), Shui (Water), Mu (Wood), Hou (Fire) and Tu (Earth). Each element relates to two other elements either in a constructive or destructive manner. When you learn the movements in a way that issues true internal power, effortless counters to every type of attack can be made instinctively.The Five element fists also go by the names of Pi (Split/Chop), Zuan (Drill/Thread), Beng (Burst/Snap/Dash), Pao (Cannon/Rushing) and Heng (Sideways Poking).
Our Family Xing Yi Quan Wu Xing training incorporates three main practices. First the student learns the five element theory and the five element fists training method. When they start this practice they learn our family San Ti Shi (Three Limb Strength). Our San Ti Shi is different than most schools because it uses an equatorial stance, one that is even weighted between both front and rear feet. This allows for an effortless transfer to the Hu Bu (Tiger Stance). Also, this San Ti Shi correlates our Xing Yi Quan with our Ba Gua Zhang and Tai Ji Quan equatorial stances so that the practitioner can easily alternate between systems that all use the same stances for Peng development.
Once San Ti Shi is practiced to perfection and all five elements have been learned, students learn the mutual construction and destruction cycles as applied to combat with the Xing Yi Wu Xing Dui Da, the Xing Yi Five Element Two Man Form. This form allows practitioners to memorize counter moves to attacks so it becomes second nature, so defensive and offensive reactions become reflexive and instantaneous.

Finally, the practitioner learns Xing Yi Wu Xing Lian Huan Quan, the Xing Yi Five Element Interlocking Boxing where they learn a form combining all the element moves and they train them continuously for speed and precision. These five elements, when performed correctly, offer an excellent foundation for the cultivation of internal power and martial application.
Sheng Zhou Bo – 5 Element Constructive Cycle
Metal Water Wood Fire Earth
Metal adds minerals to Water. Water grows Wood. Wood fuels Fire. Fire’s ashes create Earth. Earth compounds Metal.
Ko Zhou Bo – 5 Element Destructive Cycle
Metal Wood Earth Water Fire
Metal chops Wood. Wood breaks up the Earth. Earth dams Water. Water puts out Fire. Fire melts Metal.
Know the cycles, know the patterns and know the counter to virtually every type of fist.
Develop the perfect element fists, open your corresponding meridians, and heal yourself or prevent illness associated with stagnation of qi energy in your body.