Xing Yi

Xing Yi Quan ( Hsing I Chuan ) is an Internal Martial Art suitable for all ages and abilities. Xing Yi Quan is the ancient Chinese war art that means “Mind Intention Fist.” It was developed by the Chinese General Yue Fei. Xing Yi Quan gained popularity among many seeking to learn a martial art they could use right away. Xing Yi Quan is intended as an internal martial art but unless the internal principle of “Peng” is applied to the practice, Xing Yi Quan lacks it’s true power potential. Xing Yi Quan’s martial applications are easier to understand and apply than Ba Gua Zhang or Tai Ji Quan but mastery of the arts internal energy power takes the longest. Xing Yi Quan focuses on linear striking power to knock the opponent to the ground. Xing Yi Quan is practiced the fastest of the internal martial arts in order to develop springing leg power and agility. Xing Yi Quan is usually taught to people who have a solid background in Tai Ji Quan so their understanding of Peng development can cross over to the faster linear internal kung fu movements. Xing Yi Quan focuses on building greater internal power by adding “Fa Jing” or explosive power on top of the “Peng” or internal stability power from Tai Ji Quan.

The famous Yue Fei, a Chinese General, made it his life purpose was to create the ultimate martial arts system to teach Chinese soldiers to protect their homeland. Yue Fei was a Chinese patriot and took his knowledge and understanding to a new level. By combining Shao Lin Quan applications and internal kung fu principles from Tai Ji Quan, he created Xing Yi Quan a Chinese military war art. He also created the Qi Gong exercise called Ba Duan Jin. He fought tirelessly to protect what he thought was most important, the Chinese people and the Chinese government, only to be executed on false charges by the very government he worked so hard to protect. This was a tragedy. When news spread of his death, citizens erected a temple monument was constructed to honor this martial arts master who put his life on the line in battle to protect his countrymen. His martial arts have survived the test of time and are still taught to Chinese police and military for it’s simple and effective techniques. This art was passed on from the great Yue Fei and was received by Giang Yung Chien who then taught the system to Kwok Wo Ngai (Peter Kwok) who gave it to Ta Jia Li (Dr. G. S. Torres) who has taught it to me, Nicolas Ricardo Guillermo. I am still a student of Dr. Torres and will continue to learn from him for many years to come. All students who learn the Xing Yi Quan system from me will test under Dr. Torres as he is the head of lineage of the Kwok system. His certification in this system is recognized world wide. I am currently his top student so anyone serious about learning the Xing Yi Quan system has found the right place to do it.

The order of progression in this system is as follows.
Wu Xing – 5 Element forms.
Shi Er Xing Dong – 12 Animal forms.
Sil Quan – 8 Method and Mixed Combination Fist forms.
Yi Quan – Peng Development System
An Shen Pao – Two person, point to the pulse/vein interplay.