Yi Quan

Yi Quan also known as Da Cheng Quan means Mind Fist or Great Achievement Fist. This form was discovered by the great Xing Yi practitioner Wang Xian Zhai and is newer form created in the early 1900’s that is based on the ancient knowledge of Zhan Zhuang post standing. Yi Quan is a series of eight simple exercises designed to develop Peng, the crux of internal power, that is seen as great unmovable solid balance. The sixth exercise in this form is none other than Zhan Zhuang, the Universal Post form, practiced mainly by Tai Ji Practitioners. This form simply expands on Universal Post to train students about peng from seven other postures. Each posture has it’s own advantages in providing stability in balance that allows pressure on the body from all directions to be re-directed to the earth. This form is essential for the advancing internal martial artist. One should be able to hold Zhan Zhuan for an hour before moving on to learn the seven other post practices. This way, the lessons are treated with the same enthusiasm as Zhan Zhuan with the ultimate goal of being able to hold any posture from Yi Chuan for an hour or longer. Eventually, endurance will ensure one can hold these postures for two even three hours and longer to rapidly develop true internal power and find bliss in the deepest of self-realization meditations.